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Wednesday, April 06, 2011
  Post dated-1st day at school

This photo was taken during the school recess at the canteen. I was terribly busy with sher's school orientation and work. She's settling well in school and I must say my baby has grown up, going into another milestone in her life. And I'm glad she loves her school and made friends instantly. There's even buddy assigned to her on her orientation days. So they could help her queue and buy food during recess. Thanks to the jie jies for all the help. So far, it's the start of term 2 and she made progress as I have been keeping in touch with her form teacher on her development. So proud of her! :) She still need lots of pushing in terms of speed. But we were really glad she has come this far! Sher also volunteer to be in the school choir and she told me she loves singing and dance class. I must also applaud the teachers for their passion and dedication to the kids.

Here's an ice cream reward for making effort to focus in class. She did well and we are proud of her! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Saturday, December 18, 2010
  Pre X'mas baking
Christmas baking was fun with the kids and this time round we made colored icing cookies decked with cookie cutters that symbolize the Xmas mood. We let our creative juice flow as all had fun experimenting using the icing. It was my 1st time making the icing from scratch and I'm pleased with the outcome.

Love the shades of pastel of the icing

Tada... Our creations snowman, snowflake, xmas tree and Hello kitty twins



Friday, October 01, 2010
  Children's Day at the zoo

It was a sunny day, perfect weather for our zoo date with the animals. This was 1 of the long planned event with nette and shervon. The zoo was quite crowded as it's school holiday. We saw mostly parents bringing their children here. Nette even brought us sandwiches, made with love by her. Yummy!! We had a mini picnic among the lush greenery.

Look who's at the driver seat, sit tight folks!

And we went to watch some live shows "rainforest fights back!" and "splash safari". The elephant ride was next and after that, we let Sher cool off at the wet play area which she really loves. Overall it was an enjoyable day!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bought plenty of clothings from Japan and also online shopping from taiwan site. Always pose for the camera but you also have to catch her at her right mood. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
  Post Japan Trip - April 2010
Fruitful Plum tree

Blushing Sakuras

Lake view along Fujiyama Park

I fall head over heels, over and over again.. of The weather, food, the service from the heart, shopping, all things kawaii and of cos, hanabi~ sakura in full bloom. It was amazing, pretty in pink everywhere.. I loved how the pink petals swirled gracefully, dancing with the wind and laid a pink carpet on the ground. The feeling was exhilarating and there's high level of romantic element. I was blessed that this year we get to see the full bloom of the sakuras, 5th day of the bloom. By the end of our trip, the sakura season was very much over as most trees were bare.
This year's trip was much more relaxed, with dosages of scenary along our journey through the car rides. Aunt M & family were excellent host as the whole trip was effortless especially for me, no stress! hehee... I'm always doing the planning of itinerary when we travel which I totally love.


Monday, May 17, 2010
  The Dandelion's Story

It was my intention to watch Charlotte's Web as I wanted to introduce this meaningful story but tickets were almost sold out and both Sharon and I decided to bring the girls to watch "The Dandelion's Story" last Saturday.

All of us loved how the character was fun, and parts of the plot was comical and easy to comprehend for young kids. To begin with, the main character was a doggie poo. And when I told sher that, she confirmed with me that "IT's SHIT AH?" So loud that others laughed. The story is based on a Korean fairytale written by Jung-Saeng Kwon. The costumes were brightly coloured for our visual captivation. We enjoyed it tremendously. And later on, we went on to explore the museum. This year's children season theme is Colourful Journeys to places, cultures, ideas, memories and new discoveries. How the museum is transformed to creative playground for kids and parents to bond, play and explore!

A glimpse of the story outline and background of the cast:
Modl Theatre’s lively and colourful presentation of Jung-Saeng Kwon’s children’s fairy tale best-seller has the unlikely theme of a doggy-poo that everyone rejects as disgusting, but who is finally welcomed by a dandelion seed to enable it to bloom, is brought to life with boundless charm and great visual appeal by the talented, young cast.
Delightfully costumed, these endearing characters’ movement and dance, inter-woven with comic action catchy tunes, maintain the pace under Jung-Sook Kim’s tight direction. Brown furry-clad Yoo-Sin Seol delights as cute Doggy-poo, sadly rejected by Clod of Earth, a large Sparrow, and a Mother Hen and her chicks. But borne by the Spring Wind, Dandelion Seed proves Doggy-poo is useful after all, as she bursts out of rain-washed poo into glorious yellow blossom. Modl Theatre triumphs with this very joyful piece with all-age appeal.

Established since 1989, Modl Theatre has been specialising in producing children’s play and Korean original musical comedies. Commencing its first professional theatrical performance at the National Theatre of Korea back in 1989 with Korean classical music based musical, Half the Man, Modl Theatre had consistently been putting up the shows including, The 100th year Anniversary Musical of Donghak Peasants Revolution – A Grass on a Plain, Youth Musical – An Outcry of Historical Experience, A Commemorative Musical for the 100th Year of creating the children’s day – The Give of Love from Jung-Hwan Bang, Musical Blue Saigon, Doggy Poo, A Raid at the Oasis Cleaner and Mong-Yeon – A Love in Dream. Modl Theatre had been holding performing arts festivals for the children of culturally deprived areas including non-profit tours for the children living on islands and non-profit tours for special-purpose schools.

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Monday, March 08, 2010
  Our family's Hong Kong Trip

Journey of our holiday began on 2nd day of Lunar New Year, we got to see the spectacular firework display!! And hit the night bazaar at ladies street before turning in for the night... we enjoyed the street food like smelly toufu and fried pig intestine...n not forgetting the Yang zhi Gan Lu (mango pamelo) fr Hui Lao Shan.

2nd day of our leisure trip - went to Ngong Ping 360 and Fa Yuan Street, 3rd Day to Causeway Bay, victoria peak, Lan Kwai Fong and Ladies street...walk till we drop!


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